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The Episodes:

1. Search for the Big Seven Part 1: The Garden of Eden - Addo
2. Search for the Big Seven Part 2: The Big Ones - Addo
3. Search for the Big Seven Part 3: Whale of a Time - Addo

4. Search for the Big Seven Part 4: Hunters of the Deep - Addo

5. To the River’s End - Garden Route National Park

6. The Enchanted Forest - Garden Route National Park
7. Chronicles of the Foreland - Table Mountain National Park

8. Surfing Snails - Table Mountain National Park

9. Under the Sea - Table Mountain National Park

10. Cliffhanger - Table Mountain National Park

11. Half Land Half Water - West Coast National Park

12. Desert Coast - Namaqua National Pak

13. The Flowering Desert - Namaqua National Park
14. Tshavhadzimu - Mapungubwe National Park

15. Mountain of Water - Marakele National Park

16. Noah’s Ark - Mokala National Park

17. Into the Thirstland - Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

18. When the Moon Talks - Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

19. Searching for White Eye - Mountain Zebra National Park

20. Horn of Africa - Mountain Zebra National Park

21. The Golden Gate - Golden Gate Highlands National Park

22. Place of Big Noise - Augrabies Falls National Park

23. The Serpent’s Nest - Richtersveld Transfortier Park

24. Signs from the Past - Richtersveld Transfortier Park

25. Making Deep Tracks - Richtersveld Transfortier Park

26. To the River’s End - Richtersveld Transfortier Park

Series Info:

Series Title: Siyaya - Come wild with us

Series format: 26 episodes x 26 min

Exhibition format: DVD, Blu-Ray, Pro Res 422

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Shooting Format: Full HD

Language: English & Afrikaans (English subtitles available.)

Production: Francois Odendaal Productions / FOP Films

Executive Producer: David Mabunda

Produced and Directed by: Francois Odendaal

Co-Producer & DOP: Jeandré Gerding

Coordinator: Sivuyisiwe Giba

Associate Producer: Kevin Moore

Offline Editor: Kirsten De Magalhaes

Online Editor: Chris Moore

Music: Mama Dance!

Final Mix: Tim Pringle

Narrator: Chi Mhende