Welcome to the Home of Siyaya!
Produced by FOP Films, www.fopfilms.com, this is the television series where people of all ages get to discover, nurture and protect our environment!

In each episode, our young adventurers explore some of the world's most exciting natural spaces where they soon run into unexpected and amazing creatures. Siyaya - Come wild with us instills a growing curiosity in the viewer to know more about our natural world. Siyaya manages to do so in a most entertaining and fun-filled way. The creatures our young explorers encounter and the adventures they experience, awaken within them a desire to protect what they learned to understand, and came to love, from tiny creepy crawlers to the largest mammals.

Siyaya unravels the mysteries of the natural world and imparts a sense of wonder and respect for Nature in young people, leaving them fully convinced of the need to preserve our last wild places for future generations. The series is hosted by a zany and mischievous scientist called Oompie, who drives a trendy zebra-striped minibus. In each episode they take on unimaginable challenges, making simply unforgettable stories.