Welcome to Siyaya - Come wild with us!

Join our young adventurers and a zany old scientist called Oompie on a series of hilarious adventures across the world. Explore magic places where amazing creatures live, meet people you never dreamt existed and watch the team overcome their fears as they encounter unexpected obstacles.

Close encounters with tiny creepy crawlies, meeting mammals larger than themselves and finding the strangest plants soon awaken a desire in our young explorers to understand how nature works. By unraveling the mysteries of the natural world Siyaya imparts a sense of wonder and respect for Nature in young people and convinces them of the need to preserve our last wild places for generations to come. The show carries the powerful message that we are not only part of Nature ourselves but that our future as humans fully depend on the welfare of our ecosystems.

Siyaya takes you on unforgettable journeys that will expand your frontiers and change the way you view our natural world.